Since 2000, my family has called Zionsville home. After serving five years working for Steve Goldsmith in the City of Indianapolis, we moved to Zionsville months before the birth of our first child. I was drawn to raise my family here because of the rail trail, the school system and this Town's historic charm and quaint downtown village.

Over the past 19 years, I’ve served our community in a variety of ways; HOA president, Parks Board member, Boone County Redevelopment Commissioner, Girl Scout Leader. Professionally I have managed multi-million dollar budgets and initiatives for Mayor Goldsmith and now at Ivy Tech Community College. Ten years ago I launched a non-profit whose mission is close to my heart, Project Home Indy. And I’ve worked with several startup technology companies in Central Indiana, as well as BioCrossroads and IU’s Research and Technology Corporation.

After talking with dozens of long-time residents, business owners and community leaders, I understand that Zionsville needs a clear vision focused around innovative, achievable, concrete plans. The Town’s lack of a successful track record for Economic and Community Development led me to the decision to step forward as a candidate for Mayor. With a 25 year track record of helping Central Indiana public and private organizations successfully achieve challenging objectives, I can manage our resources effectively and implement a successful economic development strategy.

Achieving a balance of embracing innovative growth and protecting the sense of place we cherish can be done, but not by doing tomorrow what we did today and yesterday. And while seeking input from local and deeply embedded circles of influence will always be an important part of Zionsville’s growth trajectory, so too must we solicit input from regional and national experts. As Mayor, I will step forward and be a leader in setting the future course of community and economic development for our town and will engage adjacent communities to play a meaningful role in creating a shared vision for the region.

Competition in the Mayor’s race offers residents a chance to learn more about the meaningful role local government plays in their daily life. Diversity in municipal leadership and governance allows for a more vibrant and engaged community. I am running for Mayor because we have “right now” to move ahead in our own unique way to capture the best of innovative economic growth. On our current path, opportunities will bypass our Town leaving residents to continue to bear the burden of more school referendums and diminishing community resource options.

I am qualified for and passionate about the job of Mayor. Now a mom of three, I want Zionsville to thrive by attracting a mix of industries focused on creative class occupations. Given the right leadership, Zionsville can grow without sacrificing the sense of place we cherish. My oldest leaves for college in August. Someday I hope she will consider moving back to Zionsville where she can find meaningful work in a vibrant community...her hometown. Let’s take our foot off the brakes of corporate growth and build a stronger business community fueled by innovation.


Town of Zionsville Guiding Principles

  • We value the sense of community that makes Zionsville unique.
  • We are responsive and proactive.
  • We are engaged and available for community input.
  • We are forward-thinking and collaborative with residents, business owners, school representatives, community partners, service providers and neighboring communities.
  • We use data to measure value of public services in quantifiable terms and to identify areas of opportunity to improve.
  • We explore a variety of options to maintain public land and provide programming opportunities.
  • We are transparent and accountable regarding the business of the Town.

Create Mayor’s Advisory Board

  • Broaden the coalition of citizens involved in setting priorities and problem solving and idea generation beyond the Commissions/Committees/Boards
  • Meet directly with the Mayor to discuss ideas, barriers, opportunities
  • Include Main Street, Legacy Eagle-Union-Perry township representatives, Retail, Health
  • Services, Hospitality, Events, Corporate, Emerging Companies (Zworks), Schools, Police and Fire, Community/Heritage, Youth


Zionsville Action Center

  • A one stop place to launch a project, make a complaint, to report a pothole, storm drain problem, register for park programs
  • All Non-Emergency reports and requests land in one place.
  • Make the info online so that people can submit and check on calls/reports
  • The calls and status updates may be texted to cell phone or emailed.
Information Technology
  • Review Cyber Security infrastructure, training and protocol and address immediate deficiencies in first 90 days.
  • Overhaul Website focusing on more dynamic online content including video coverage of public meetings in first six months.
  • Implement a web-based tool utilizing GIS (maps), performance and financial data to improve citizen access to Town services and information such as, road improvement projects.
  • Assess impact and opportunities for Edge Computing (AI), Autonomous Cars, Video Surveillance.
  • Enable online registration for Parks Programs.
Finance and Procurement
  • Review fiscal operations, systems, protocols and resources in first 60 days.
  • Identify ways our city can better manage and deploy fiscal resources.
  • Determine if fiscal systems and protocols meet our Community needs.
  • Examine revenue sources and evaluate collection and distribution efficacy.
  • Evaluate our capacity to manage and forecast our overall fiscal situation.
  • Identify areas of weakness or vulnerability that should be improved.
  • Examine the potential financial impact of debt and economic development incentives before recommending projects to the Redevelopment Commission and track the ongoing impact for approved projects.
  • Explore procurement opportunities with neighboring organizations and communities to leverage combined purchasing power.
  • Acquire quality goods and services through an open, competitive process.

Community and Economic Development

Develop and Maintain Corporate Park Development Plan

  • Target Vacancy Rate
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Economic Development Incentive Packages
  • Market these areas
Increase Administration Involvement in Economic Development Projects
  • Place an emphasis on attraction and site selection assistance.
  • Conduct Town Impact Study for each ED project.
  • Identify infrastructure improvements needed to support the projected growth
  • Develop Impact analysis and incorporate public infrastructure improvements into the overall plans taken to the Planning Commission and Redevelopment Commission.
  • Understand full impact and opportunity of Economic Tax incentives. Take a holistic view when assessing revenue and service impact for new projects.
  • Engage Residential and Commercial entities impacted by new development projects early and often. Take their concerns seriously.
  • Develop and Maintain Multiple Retail District Plans (e.g., Main Street Zville, Union, Perry, Ford Road, Michigan Road, etc.)
Infrastructure Plan
  • Produce comprehensive plan for commercial, residential, retail, service, school, municipal government growth.
  • Support Regional Governance Collaboration and Partnerships with Carmel, Indianapolis, Jamestown, Lebanon, Thorntown, Westfield, and Whitestown.
  • Emergency Management
  • Transportation Alliances
  • Bike Trail Connections
  • Explore Quality of Life Opportunities
Energy Storage
  • Batteries could power lights, transportation and more. How do we prepare our infrastructure plans today for tomorrow’s opportunities?
Partner with Community Non-profits to support Cultural and Arts Initiatives.

Public Safety

Park Ranger Program

  • Be proactive - don’t wait for something to happen to start this process
  • Bicycle patrols
First Responder Health and Safety Program Review Detailed EMS Plans
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Response
  • Emergency transportation
  • Integrated community health care
Install Emergency Call Boxes Along Trails

Street & Stormwater Department

Address parking issues in Zionsville Village in first 90 days.

  • Explore novel ideas to ease of pedestrian movement on Main Street, lower cost of mainstreet maintenance and increase parking options.
  • Consider every possible solution and select approach that can ease parking issues quickly in the short run and evolve into a more permanent solution over a 24-month period.
  • Review parking policies that accommodate the shift from daytime parking patterns to evening parking needs.
  • Assess local regulation that impacts parking requirements and evaluate changes that may enable future-oriented approaches.
Develop a Ride-Share Zone plan in first 6 months. Autonomous Vehicles: Planning and Regulation

Parks and Recreation

Explore Multiple Funding Sources for Park Development

  • Create a capital campaign to secure grant funds for future park initiatives that incorporates grant writing and donation solicitation.
  • Pursue a Park Bond to support new Park infrastructure development. Extend Zionsville Trail System
  • Complete Zionsville section of Big-4 Rail Trail.
  • Prioritize areas of Zionsville not currently connected via Trail systems (e.g., Perry and
  • Worth Township).
  • Develop plans to connect Zionsville Trail systems with Westfield, Carmel, Indianapolis.
Launch Parks Steward and Naturalist Internship Programs
  • Explore partnership with ZCS to implement a Park Steward program to assist with maintenance projects and Park Naturalist program to assist in Nature Center.
Support Priority Projects Identified in 2018 Parks Master Plan
  • Continue to maintain the balance of natural parks and active parks
  • Improve existing playgrounds and construct additional playgrounds to serve a wider
  • range of ages.
  • Develop Plan for funding and development of a Community Center.

Waste Management

Recycling - Resource Recovery Evaluation in first six months Compost Disposal - Pickup

  • Explore partners in Boone County for launching this program

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