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With my master’s degree in public administration in hand, I started my public service career in May 1995 as an executive in Mayor Steve Goldsmith’s administration. As the Chief Financial Officer for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety, I managed a $170M annual budget for the Indianapolis Police and Fire Departments as well as Emergency Management. During my tenure in that role we established IPD’s take-home vehicle program, secured millions of Federal grant dollars to support community policing, built new firehouses and police stations and introduced performance indicators and activity-based cost data into operational and policy discussions. In the five years I spent in Indianapolis, my management experience encompassed public finance, parks and recreation programming, public facility maintenance and construction, emergency management communication systems, and county-wide technology initiatives.

Nearly thirty years of professional experience with technology companies and public services organizations make me an ideal candidate for Mayor of Zionsville. Throughout my career, I have mobilized stakeholders to successfully launch public policy initiatives, inspired teams to excel in service delivery and championed strategic organizational initiatives. Utilizing a strong background in public finance and digital transformation, I have effectively led programs in state and local government; life science and technology companies; social service agencies; start-up/entrepreneurial organizations; and higher education.

Three roles emerge repeatedly throughout my career: ethical leadership, innovative problem solver, expert organizational management. When undertaking these roles, I transform leadership vision into operational success. Being enthusiastic, resourceful, and a strong communicator, I believe I will make a significant contribution to the Town of Zionsville as Mayor and would be grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity.