Since 2000, my family has called Zionsville home. After serving five years working for Steve Goldsmith in the City of Indianapolis, we moved to Zionsville months before the birth of our first child. I was drawn to raise my family here because of the rail trail, the school system and this Town's historic charm and quaint downtown village.

Over the past 19 years, I’ve served our community in a variety of ways; HOA president, Parks Board member, Boone County Redevelopment Commissioner, Girl Scout Leader. Professionally I have managed multi-million dollar budgets and initiatives for Mayor Goldsmith and now at Ivy Tech Community College. Ten years ago I launched a non-profit whose mission is close to my heart, Project Home Indy. And I’ve worked with several startup technology companies in Central Indiana, as well as BioCrossroads and IU’s Research and Technology Corporation.

After talking with dozens of long-time residents, business owners and community leaders, I understand that Zionsville needs a clear vision focused around innovative, achievable, concrete plans. The Town’s lack of a successful track record for Economic and Community Development led me to the decision to step forward as a candidate for Mayor. With a 25 year track record of helping Central Indiana public and private organizations successfully achieve challenging objectives, I can manage our resources effectively and implement a successful economic development strategy.

Achieving a balance of embracing innovative growth and protecting the sense of place we cherish can be done, but not by doing tomorrow what we did today and yesterday. And while seeking input from local and deeply embedded circles of influence will always be an important part of Zionsville’s growth trajectory, so too must we solicit input from regional and national experts. As Mayor, I will step forward and be a leader in setting the future course of community and economic development for our town and will engage adjacent communities to play a meaningful role in creating a shared vision for the region.

Competition in the Mayor’s race offers residents a chance to learn more about the meaningful role local government plays in their daily life. Diversity in municipal leadership and governance allows for a more vibrant and engaged community. I am running for Mayor because we have “right now” to move ahead in our own unique way to capture the best of innovative economic growth. On our current path, opportunities will bypass our Town leaving residents to continue to bear the burden of more school referendums and diminishing community resource options.

I am qualified for and passionate about the job of Mayor. Now a mom of three, I want Zionsville to thrive by attracting a mix of industries focused on creative class occupations. Given the right leadership, Zionsville can grow without sacrificing the sense of place we cherish. My oldest leaves for college in August. Someday I hope she will consider moving back to Zionsville where she can find meaningful work in a vibrant community...her hometown. Let’s take our foot off the brakes of corporate growth and build a stronger business community fueled by innovation.


With my master’s degree in public administration in hand, I started my public service career in May 1995 as an executive in Mayor Steve Goldsmith’s administration. As the Chief Financial Officer for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety, I managed a $170M annual budget for the Indianapolis Police and Fire Departments as well as Emergency Management. During my tenure in that role we established IPD’s take-home vehicle program, secured millions of Federal grant dollars to support community policing, built new firehouses and police stations and introduced performance indicators and activity-based cost data into operational and policy discussions. In the five years I spent in Indianapolis, my management experience encompassed public finance, parks and recreation programming, public facility maintenance and construction, emergency management communication systems, and county-wide technology initiatives.

Nearly thirty years of professional experience with technology companies and public services organizations make me an ideal candidate for Mayor of Zionsville. Throughout my career, I have mobilized stakeholders to successfully launch public policy initiatives, inspired teams to excel in service delivery and championed strategic organizational initiatives. Utilizing a strong background in public finance and digital transformation, I have effectively led programs in state and local government; life science and technology companies; social service agencies; start-up/entrepreneurial organizations; and higher education.

Three roles emerge repeatedly throughout my career: ethical leadership, innovative problem solver, expert organizational management. When undertaking these roles, I transform leadership vision into operational success. Being enthusiastic, resourceful, and a strong communicator, I believe I will make a significant contribution to the Town of Zionsville as Mayor and would be grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity.